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Thursday Baseball 06-18-2020

By Jason Sheehan, 06/18/20, 3:30PM CDT


Parents and Coaches,


Tonight's baseball workouts have been postponed because of the incoming storm and will be made up the evening of Sunday, June 28th.  Here is the following schedule for Sunday, June 28th.

COACHES - If you are unable to make the rescheduled session, please let Tate, James, or myself know right away so we can make sure your session is covered.

2nd and 3rd Information for Sunday, June 28.


5:00    Manthey Field 3      Detroit Tigers      Payton Beyer       Cael Dowling
6:30       Manthey Field 3      Milwaukee Brewers      Gavin Rein      Craig Doring
6:30    Manthey Field 4      St. Louis Cardinals      Richie Lee      Jack Helget


 6th and 7th Grade Information for Sunday, June 28.  


5:00    Jaycee 1 - Fenced Field    Toronto Blue Jays    Alec Holcomb    Jason Sheehan
5:00    Jaycee 2 - All Dirt Field    Houston Astros    Nevin Schroeder    Matt Frantesl
6:45    Jaycee 1 - Fenced Field  Arizona Diamondbacks    Carson DeKam    Matt Williams
6:45     Jaycee 2 - All Dirt Field    Los Angeles Angels    Noah Hudrlik    Chris Gronli


Thank you!